Grand Family Dentistry Provides Dental Implants

dental implant1If you are concerned about your appearance because of missing or misaligned teeth, dental implants are available from the dentist Baton Rouge. These more closely resemble real teeth in appearance and the way they function. An implant is a metallic tooth root that is implanted surgically into the jawbone to provide strong support for the artificial teeth. Because implants are permanent and stable, they are a much better option than dentures. Implants feel and perform like natural teeth, and for this reason alone, they are the preferred solution to the loss of teeth.

Because healthy gums and adequate bone is necessary to support the implant, the dentist must determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Once you receive your implant, it is important to keep these structures healthy. Regular dental checkups are necessary, and meticulous oral hygiene is important to achieve long-term success.

Dental implants are expensive compared to other forms of tooth replacement, but this permanent option is preferred for comfort and appearance. Investing in your health is always a good idea. Learn more about Grand Family Dentistry to determine if implants are the right option for you.

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Baton Rouge Dentist Is Expert In Dental Implants

dental implantsThere are so many advantages to dental implants for tooth replacement that one should give serious consideration to exploring its benefits. Missing teeth are not attractive and can have detrimental effects not only on your health but on your appearance. Implants will improve your personal appearance and self-esteem giving you a beautiful smile. Implants feel like your teeth because they fuse with the bone. It is easier to eat and enjoy your food with implants because they are fixed whereas, dentures can easily slip and move. The durability of implants will give you the assurance that your implant will last many years. With good care, it is possible to last a lifetime.

You no longer have to experience the inconvenience and embarrassment of removing dentures and tolerate the sticky dental adhesives to hold them in place. There areĀ little risks and complications with implants. If you are a healthy person, it is very likely that you will have an extremely high success rate. Your dentist will evaluate your condition and determine if implants are the right treatment for you.